Kwai Chung and Tsz Wan Shan Tunnels

CLP 1 Kwai Chung and Tsz Wan Shan Tunnels

  • Kwai Chung & Tsz Wan Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong
  • China Light & Power Hong Kong Limited
  • Atkins China Limited
  • Dragages (HK) Joint Venture
  • 2004 - 2007

Project Highlights

Dragages (HK) Joint Venture is driving six shafts and tunnels at Kwai Chung and Tsz Wan Shan for CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong.

Kwai Chung Cable Tunnel is a 4m I.D., 1.1km long D-shaped single bored drill & blast rock tunnel provided for cable laying from an existing Kwai Chung ‘B' substation to cable towers.

Tsz Wan Shan Cable Tunnel is a 3.2m I.D., 650m long circular pipe jacked tunnel, which will be connected from the existing Tsz Wan Shan substation.

The Company provided the supervision and specialist support for the supply and application of the shaft waterproof linings and associated works.