Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility Offshore Pipeline

Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility Offshore Pipeline Project

  • Urmston Road, New Territores, Hong Kong
  • ECO Aviation Fuel Developments Limited
  • Scott Wilson Limited
  • Leighton Asia
  • 2008 - 2009

Project Highlights

Leighton is responsible for the design and construction of the permanent aviation fuel facility for the Hong Kong International Airport.

The project consists of a 530 metre twin berth jetty for vessels up to 80,000 dwt a tank farm containing four above ground fuel tanks capable of storing a total of 140,000 cubic metres of aviation fuel, an operations building, fire service pumps, stand-by generators and services. Submarine works consist of 4.7 kilometres of twin 500 millimeter diameter submarine pipelines completed by ‘S' lay method and transfer pumps to deliver fuel from the tanks to an existing delivery line through the Urmston Road Channel to the Sha Chau fuel facility on the southwest coast of the New Territories in Hong Kong.

The Permanent Aviation Fuel Facility (PAFF) is located in Tuen Mun's Special Industries Area Zoned for fuel depot.

The PAFF will only store one product, aviation fuel known as Jet A-1, which will arrive by ship and be supplied to Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) by subsea pipeline.

The Company provided the air diving support for the submarine pipe lay, jetty risers and all associated works on the shore end landings.