BPPS & CPPS Term Contract

Black Point, Castle Peak 'A' and Castle Peak 'B' Power Stations

  • New Territories, Hong Kong
  • China Light & Power Hong Kong Limited
  • Lloyd's Register
  • GBFC Limited
  • July 2005

Project Highlights

With Hong Kong being a unique place without any fuel source supply, CLP has maintained a balanced fuel mix and employed a broad range of modern power generation technologies using coal, natural gas, nuclear and hydroelectric fuel sources to generate power for the territory's needs.

The company operates Castle Peak Power Station , Black Point Power Station and Penny's Bay Power Station , on behalf of Castle Peak Power Company Limited, a partnership between ExxonMobil Energy Limited (60%) and CLP Power (40%). It also obtains power from the Guangdong Nuclear Power Station in Shenzhen and Guangzhou Pumped Storage Power Station in Conghua.

The Company have been contracted to carry out diving maintenance and inspections on the above engineering works on behalf of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, the operator for CAPCO for the expected 2 year duration of the contract.

Full marine and diving support services to be carried out include maintenance, inspection, recording and reporting of the following but not limited to;

  • inspection and maintenance of cooling water intake heads and grills;
  • integrity survey of all culverts, dosing chlorination lines and fixings;
  • installation of additional anchoring for dosing lines in forebays;
  • sealing of subsea joints and gaps incl. material supply and design;
  • design, build and replacement of concrete vertical plugs, top covers;
  • inspection, desilting and disposal of contaminated materials in forebays;
  • any other related diving inspection and maintenance works, including working in confined spaces during outage periods.

Black Point Power Station (2,500MW)
One of the world's largest gas-fired power stations comprising eight combined-cycle turbines of 312.5MW each.

Castle Peak Power Station (4,108MW)
Comprising four coal-fired units of 350MW each and another four units of 677MW each.