West Rail

Tseun Wan Station CC300 Station & Approach Tunnels

  • Tseun Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC)
  • Atkins China Limited
  • Penta-Ocean-Kier Joint Venture
  • 2000 - 2003

Project Highlights

KCRC Contract CC300 Tseun Wan Station and Approach tunnels comprising approximately 600m of cut and cover, reinforced concrete tunnels which cross a congested area of reclaimed land.

Due to the variable level of rock head beneath the site and the high water table, different sections of the tunnels were designed as either founded on rock via diaphragm walls or “floating” where rock head was too deep.

Both “top down” and “bottom up” construction methods were employed.

The Company provided the gantry's, supervision and specialist support for the supply and application of polyurethane and epoxy grouts to both the diaphragm walls and cut and cover structure respectively to seal the waterproof linings and associated works.

GBFC were also contracted to supply grouting technicians to supervise the addition of admixtures to at various batching plants and the spray applied treatment the diaphragm walls with cementitious waterproofing products.