Contract No. TB7010W037P - Clearance of Mine Dump No.6


  • Kinmen, Republic of China
  • Republic of China Army
    Procurement Bureau
    PO Box No. 90082
    Taiwan ROC
  • Kinmen Local Government, People of Sam Wei Village
  • 1998

Project Highlights

This project involved the excavation of a single dump into which old landmines had been placed decades earlier. The project was extremely delicate due to the poor condition of the ordnance within the dump and the proximity of ground water and difficult conditions within the dump. The clearance team was required to:

  • Construct protective works in order to protect a nearby temple and village from possible blast and fragmentation.
  • Dismantle the walled and wired perimeter of the dump without disturbing the contents.
  • Carefully remove trees and other vegetation that had flourished within the dump.
  • Excavate the dump methodically and safely (similar to an archaeological dig) without disturbing the rotting landmines.
  • Assess landmines to see if they could be moved.
  • Movement of the mines into disposal pits for controlled burn off.