Marine Archaeological Investigations (2007)


  • Hong Kong
  • 2007

Project Highlights

Various projects:

  • February 2007: Hong Kong - Zhuhai-Macau Bridge: Hong Kong Section and North Lantau Highway Connection (Esb-110/2003). Marine Archaeological Investigation. Assessment of Archaeological Potential by Archaeo-Environments Ltd. Commissioned by the AMO to review the report.

  • March 2007: Report Review. Results of the side scan sonar survey, East of Ninepins group windfarm site and cable route, Cosine Ltd; Client: BMT Asia Ltd.

  • March 2007: Agreement No. KDO 01/2006. Site investigation and contamination assessment at remaining area of former Kai Tak Airport and proposed cruise terminal. Marine archaeological impact assessment. Baseline Review and geophysical survey interpretation; Client: Meinhardt China

  • March 2007: Geophysical survey interpretation. Agreement No. CE20/2005 (DS) Outlying Islands Sewerage Stage I Part 2 and Phase 2. Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan Sewerage Treatment and Disposal - Design and Construction; Client: Scott Wilson HK Ltd.

  • May 2007: Contract No. 07/9247. Environmental Impact Assessment Study. Environmental Impact Assessment Study For Development of a 100MW Offshore Windfarm in Hong Kong. Marine Archaeological input for site selection; Client: Meinhardt China

  • May 2007: Agreement No. CE 35/2006(CE) Kai Tak Development Engineering Study, Marine Archaeological Investigation. Review of previous work and designing a watching brief; Client: Archaeological Assessments Ltd.

  • September 2007: NEC Asia-America Gateway(AAG) submarine cable with landfall at Tong Fuk. Marine Archaeological Investigation; Client: EGS (Asia) Ltd.

  • September 2007: Agreement No. CE 40/2006 (HY). Tsing Yi Lantau Link - Feasibility Study. Marine Archaeological input for site selection; Client: Meinhardt China

  • November 2007: Agreement No. CE 19/2005 (DS). Design and construstion of Tsuen Wan Drainage Channel. Marine Archaeological Investigation; Client: Mott MacDonald

  • November 2007: Agreement No. CE 64/2006 (CE). Improvement Works For Tai O Facelift. Marine Archaeological input for site selection; Client: Meinhardt China