Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel (HKWDT)

Permanent Concrete Tunnel Adit Linings (Contract No.: DC/2007/10)

  • Hong Kong
  • Government of Hong Kong S.A.R (Drainage Dept)
  • Arup
  • Dragages Hong Kong - Nishimatsu Joint Venture
  • 2011

Project Highlights

The Company has been awarded the contract to assist with the installation of the permanent concrete lining in the 32 adits that feed into the main tunnel previously driven by TBM's.

GBFC will mobilise its team of engineers, qualified supervision and personnel and carry out the installation works required for the timely completion of the 32 adits totaling approx 8km.

The contract DC/2007/10 “Design and Construction of Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel (HKDWT) comprises the design, construction, testing and commissioning of a storm water drainage scheme between Tai Hang and Cyberport. It is designed to intercept the storm water flow from the upper catchment and alleviate flooding at the lower catchment of Northern Hong Kong Island during heavy rainstorms.

The Scope of Works includes:

  • A main tunnel with internal diameter of 6.25m from Ch43 (From Eastern Portal) to Ch3952
  • A main tunnel with internal diameter of 7.25m from Ch3975 to Ch10560 (Western Portal)
  • 32 intakes, 31 drop shafts (Intake W3 sits directly on top of the stilling chamber without a drop shaft)
  • 32 Adits: 24 main adits and 8 branch adits (totaling 7.9km)
  • All associated and ancillary and permanent civil, structural, geotechnical works, chambers, diversions, E&M installations, landscape and architectural works

The joint venture will construct the main tunnels using TBM's and the adits using the drill and blast method and due to be completed in 2012.