HongKong Electric Wind Farm Met Mast Installation & Electrical Fit Out

HongKong Electric Wind Farm Met Mast Installation & Electrical Fit Out

  • Lamma Island, Hong Kong
  • Hongkong Electric Company Ltd.
  • EGS (Asia) & SgurrEnergy
  • 2012

Project Highlights

The Company is proud to announce it been awarded the contract by EGS (Asia) & SgurrEnergy who have been engaged by the The HongKong Electric Company, to supply and install the metrology package onto the Met Mast piled support structure.

GBFC are currently mobilizing the marine support, personnel, equipment and materials to execute the scope of works for the first phase of the offshore wind farm project due for commissioning in January 2012.

International renewable energy consultancy SgurrEnergy has been commissioned by Hong Kong Electric Company, to deploy Asia's first Lidar device for capturing wind speed and directional data in an offshore environment.

This large scale project represents Asia's first Offshore Risk Quantification Analysis deployment (ORQA). ORQA is the latest technology data monitoring equipment designed specifically to capture a full meteorological, environmental, wave and tidal picture of offshore conditions and will be used to inform planning and construction phases for the proposed offshore wind energy project which will be located off Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

ORQA is a versatile solution which provides developers with a single turn-key option for advanced data collection and consequently risk quantification of offshore development.

This deployment will incorporate SgurrEnergy's Galion Lidar, a 2nd generation laser based device, for capturing wind speed and directional data. Lidar is a mature remote sensing technology that is now successfully being used in wind power applications. With its unique all-sky scanning capability and 4 km range, SgurrEnergy's Galion Lidar is a cutting-edge technology which is transforming the way wind energy is understood.

Offshore deployments in wind energy present a set of challenges which the Galion Lidar is uniquely equipped to meet. Galion is able to acquire measurements inaccessible to other devices, in terms of vertical profiling, immediately above the platform and in acquisition of hub height wind speed data at multiple proposed turbine locations, within the Galion's 4 km range. Galion deployment can significantly reduce costs associated with offshore measurements by met mast methods.