Canadian Consulate


  • Jardine's Lookout, Hong Kong
  • Hydrotech Waterproofing Solutions
  • 2012

Project Highlights

The Company is proud to announce it been awarded the prestigious contract by Hydrotech Waterproofing Solutions who have been engaged by the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Canada, to supply and apply the structural protective coatings and finishing's by skilled workforce as per the architectural drawings completed by Holey Young Limited detailing the works in Jardine's Lookout.

GBFC are currently mobilizing the personnel, equipment and materials to execute the scope of works for the project due for commissioning in December 2011 for handing over to the Consulate General for Canada.

The scope of the Minor Works Construction contract mainly includes:

  1. Demolition and removal of existing roof system from site, protection of adjacent spaces and landscaped gardens
  2. Supply and Installation of a new approved waterproofing system and aesthetic finishes
  3. Modification of existing parapet perimeter to comply with modern building department regulations
  4. Re-siting and modernisation of electrical fit out, miscellaneous fixtures and fittings.

Holey Young will perform on-site inspections during the course of the construction.

The Official Residence was constructed during the late 1950's and is a standalone structure located at Jardine's Lookout, named after William Jardine, founder of Jardine Matheson.

It was from here, in the days of the sailing ships, that a watch was kept for the first glimpse of the sails of the firm's clippers coming from India and London. As soon as a vessel was signaled, a fast whaleboat was sent out to collect Jardines' mails.

The correspondence was rushed back to the office so that the directors could have the first possible information on the world's markets.