CLP - Tai A Chau WAVE and CURRENT Measurements


  • Soko Islands, South China Sea
  • China Light & Power
  • EGS (Asia) Limited
  • GBFC Ltd.
  • 2006 - 2007

Project Highlights

CLP Power proposes to develop an LNG terminal to supply Black Point Power Station. One of the options for the terminal is on the island of Tai A Chau. One of the factors affecting the design of the terminal is waves and currents around the proposed jetty and small-boat harbour locations.

This project is to measure waves and currents for one year at two locations close to the island.

GBFC have been engaged by EGS Asia Limited for the term contract for placement & recovery and O&M monitoring of the ADCP containing the wave and current meters.

The following equipment was used and deployed for the term contract;


At Station 1, on the east side of Tai A Chau where the water depth is around 8m, a 1,200 kHz Workhorse ADCP will be deployed. At Station 2, on the south east side of the island, a 600 kHz ADCP will be used.

The main recording parameters are:

  • Wave measurements: Measurement bursts at 2Hz, 20 minutes every 2 hours.
  • Current measurements: Recorded at 10-minute intervals.
  • Vertical bin size: 1⁄2 metre.
  • Station 1 (1,200 kHz) 25 bins.
  • Station 2 (600 kHz) 40 bins.


At both stations, an identical FSI 1D Wave and Tide Gauge will be used to measure waves using a pressure sensor.

  • “Burst” measurements: Measurement bursts at 2Hz for a period of 17 minutes 15 seconds every 2 hours. Start of burst measurements synchronized with the start of the ADCP wave measurement cycle.
  • Averaged mode measurements: For a period of 2 minutes every 2 hours, starting 1 hour after the start of the "burst" measurements


A Benthos UAT-376 pinger responder is to be placed next to the other instruments, to allow the divers to find the shell in low visibility conditions.