Shenzhen to Tai Po Piled Crossovers

Shenzhen to Tai Po Offshore Pipeline

  • Mirs Bay to Tolo Harbour, Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong and China Gas Company
  • Aker Kvaerner
  • Leighton Asia
  • 2005

Project Highlights

The submarine pipeline system will cover a total length of approximately 33 kilometers offshore pipeline section and 1 kilometer onshore section. This will comprise of twin 18 inch pipelines bundled together and will be installed in one common trench at the sea-bottom. The bundled pipeline will then be buried with in-situ material and armour rock up to 3 meters. This pipeline system will include one subsea wye and two pipeline crossing over existing WSD (Water Supply Department) twin water pipes and existing Towngas Naphtha line.

The Company provided diving and marine support for submarine piled crossovers. The piled crossovers enabled the new twin submarine gas pipeline to bridge the existing gas and water submarine pipelines that had to remain live and undisturbed. The piling was dead weight driven using GBFC design and build fabricated concrete blocks complete with locking and locating assembly with the bridge cross member span complete with anodes in-situ at each location.